Embedded Industrial Machine Vision Computer

VisionBox AGE-X5 supports 5GBase-T

Equipped with intelligent IO functions, strobe controller, encoder support and i-Core/Linux or Windows OS the VisionBox supports the new 5GBase-T cameras e.g. from Dalsa or Lucid. Using the existing EMC reliable Gigabit-Ethernet infrastructure applications can operate with the higher data rates >100 Mbyte/s per camera.

What does 5GBase-T stand for ?


Compared to a typical 1.000 Mbit/s or Gigabit-Ethernet 5GBase-T offers 5 times higher gross data rate. 5GBase-T cameras can provide higher frame rates and/or higher resolution. Standard network cabling and the cable length can be used as before.

The system architecture can be the same as with GigE cameras.

What does the VisionBox provide –

in addition to the two-port 5GBase-T?


The real-time communication controller takes input signals and

composes trigger and other output signals in µs-precision .

Up to 16 I/O – may replace a PLC

Direct control of up to two LED illumination systems

State of the art i-Core computing power

OS and application stored on a CFast SSD – quick exchange of different application and test / support software

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