IMAGO TV - Welcoming 2018

2018 is already a month old, and we want you to catch up with all our important news for this year! Whether it's about delivery times, new inventions, events or expanding worldwide, see for yourself what we have planned without having to read a long, boring newsletter! We have also got a competition coming, so tune in if you want to find out more... Watch IMAGO TV right here or visit our YouTube channel IMAGO Technologies GmbH. #IMAGOTV #Newsletter

Intelligent Line Scan Camera from IMAGO

The new VisionCam LM is able to unify different components of a line scan application in a single device. Together with the application software (optionally supported by Halcon Embedded), an attractive vision system is created. With the VisionCam LM, IMAGO combines two long-time areas of operation: As a specialist for all kinds of line scan camera connections to our VisionBox, we regularly solve the encoder signal processing and the real-time behavior. For many years, we have been joining energy-efficient processors and CMOS sensors to intelligent matrix cameras, the VisionCam. We will present the newest innovation from both fields at the embedded world in Nuremberg for the first time: In th

Ecofriendly Image Processing

Image processing contributes to the protection of the environment. For instance, mistakes detected during production reduce the material required, and early detection of product defects reduce logistical costs. Furthermore, traceable quality not only of pharma products protect the environment and secure people’s health. Finally, recycling technology directs material back into the production cycle. And the power consumption of the applied technologies? Clever engineers and computer scientists are mindful of the required computing power. They can handle reduced CPU performance or even integrate a once complex system into an intelligent camera with less than 5 watts of power consumption. Speaki

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