Why use a machine vision camera?

Have you ever asked yourself why you should use a machine vision camera instead of a normal smart camera? In this edition of Ask IMAGO, our IMAGO TV speaker Vivien shows the benefits of intelligent machine vision cameras in contrast to simple preprogrammed smart cams. Watch our Video below or head on over to our YouTube channel to watch this introduction! #MachineVision #AskIMAGO

Embedded Vision Innovations

A guide through the new image processing topics Are you also overwhelmed by all the innovative technologies coming up? Deep Learning, new standards like OPC/UA for vision, TSN, new camera sensors, new computing technologies, “What is embedded vision?”, GPU small or power consuming, … Don’t wait too long, maybe the VISION show is already too late for new initiatives. Start today with discussions in our machine vision sector, as all suppliers can provide ideas, products and information. Read our full guide through all these new image processing topics here: Embedded Vision Innovations - The Guide #MachineVision #deeplearning #AskIMAGO #Newsletter

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