Facial recognition with the VisionBox

Electronica 2018 - NXP presents a live demo for facial recognition and object detection using IMAGO Technologies' VisionBox LE MANS. This example shows once again the variety of different application fields for embedded vision components. Visit IMAGO at the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg to discover all variants of application fields for embedded machine vision components. We are in hall 7A, booth 343. Or stop by NXP's booth in hall 10.1, booth 231 to see the demo for facial recognition live. #FairsandShows #MachineVision

The IoT and Edge Computing

IoT Solutions World Congress, Barcelona, October 2018: NXP, leading supplier of industrial CPUs, runs an application using IMAGO's EdgeBox. The vision application was developed by NXP's engineers. Sam Fuller, NXP, and Carsten Strampe, IMAGO Technologies, discussed the new world of powerful multi-core ARM-based CPUs and NXP's structure of hardware and firmware interfaces. New ideas? Visit the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg for discussions and drop by NXP's booth in hall 10.1-231 and IMAGO's booth in hall 7A-343. #FairsandShows #EdgeComputing

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