Deep Learning is coming! | IMAGO TV

Innovations in image processing are developing even beyond the machine vision industry. Applications like Deep Learning or Event-Based Vision have the potential to enrich other markets like the packaging industry or the automotive sector. This episode of IMAGO TV looks at the potentials of these innovations while also considering classic embedded vision solutions like Vision Sensors. You can watch IMAGO TV right here or visit our YouTube channel IMAGO Technologies GmbH. #Newsletter #IMAGOTV #MachineVision #FairsandShows #eventbasedvision #deeplearning

VisionBox for Inline Computational Imaging

The fact that IMAGO Technologies can create exceptionally powerful image processing computers was demonstrated at the AIT booth of Control in Stuttgart. Two Camera Link Frame Grabbers with maximum data rate (Deca) in the VisionBox AGE-X Serval+ can receive the image data of the High-Speed Exposure camera. An NVidia GPU from the 1080 series, equipped with over 2,500 GPU shaders, serves as the accelerator for the demanding algorithms. A high-performance power adapter in the VisionBox guarantees a high power supply. The setup is rounded off by an i-Core CPU and of course the real-time I/O of the VisionBox series. The status display integrated into the computer is practical for remote operations

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