Award-Winning Event-Based VisionCam

We are excited to announce that our VisionCam EB has just won an award! The inspect readers voted for our Event-Based VisionCam, which was developed in cooperation with PROPHESEE. The brand new invention came in second in the category of Vision! Thank you to everyone who voted - it's a great honor for us. #eventbasedvision #awardwinning #inspectaward Read more here: #eventbasedvision #MachineVision #award

Advances in Event-Based & GigE Vision | IMAGO TV

This episode of IMAGO TV talks about event-based vision applications, a new innovation for GigE cameras and exhibitions at the end of the year. You can watch IMAGO TV right here or visit our YouTube channel IMAGO Technologies GmbH: #Newsletter #IMAGOTV #MachineVision #FairsandShows #eventbasedvision #deeplearning

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