GigE Vision with the Image Logger

Deep Learning needs a lot of real images from production, users want to save images from production for archiving purposes, error images or decisions in the gray area must be documented. But how? For up to 4 GigE cameras, the Image Logger handles this automatically! Just plug a GigE camera cable into the Image Logger and an Ethernet cable into your present PC. That’s all it takes for the Image Logger to automatically scan the GigE Vision image stream. The images are then saved on up to two solid state drives of 1 TB. Another convenient function is: Each camera is assigned two digital inputs that allow filtering. Possible filters are saving only images of not good decisions. As of now, you ca

Webinar on Event-Based Vision

The Event-Based VisionCam EB is gaining attention everywhere it goes. Sign up for our next webinar with IMVE to learn more about its technology for industrial machine vision. Also, be sure to visit our booth at the SPS next week if you want personal consultation or are interested in application possibilities! Find out all about these events and news in our current newsletter: Webinar on Event-Based Vision - IMAGO Technologies #Newsletter #MachineVision #eventbasedvision #FairsandShows

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