The Edge of Computing

If you want to secure the data in your machines or factories through a cloud server, you will know that cloud services usually run on a remote server. But once the cloud software should run locally on your machine or inside your factory to provide even more security, edge computing becomes necessary. Open from the outside, but secure and closed regarding software updates and personal data, an edge controller helps you achieve the security you desire. IMAGO's edge controller, the EdgeBox, provides:

  • An area inside the computer to install or run cloud-based software, managed from the outside.

  • A second area inside to manage data from a lot of different devices like IPCs, embedded computers, intelligent sensors, vision systems and smart cameras, which are key technologies in today’s machines.

  • Private data is stored and merged for meta data analysis inside the EdgeBox.

  • Computing power to process the data.

  • Security guaranteed as a combination of software and hardware functions (cryptography).

The EdgeBox was invented with an 8-core ARM Cortex-A72 processor inside.

While the compact version impresses with its form factor, the larger version offers several PCIe slots and is available for 19" racks.  10 GBit/s Ethernet interfaces and a Real-Time Communication Controller for the digital I/Os are always included. The EdgeBox runs on the Linux OS and IMAGO offers a complete toolchain. As an engineering option, we provide timing reports that show the system behavior.

EdgeBox for 19” racks

The EdgeBox key features include IMAGO's very own Real-Time Communication Controller and the Integrated Hardware Root of Trust, NXP QorIQ.

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