Our Service For Your Vision System

Creating a clever machine vision system is more than just buying parts.

That's why we offer first-class engineering services prior to design and create the exact product your system needs. All our products are tailored to OEM/ODM level from scratch and manufactured right in time for your production.

Vision Architecture

teaming up for your success


Three short examples that illustrate why the initial costs of engineering are quickly turned into money savers:


Linking I/O, encoder signals, cameras and LED illumination triggering, grabbing images, accessing the IT network - all of this can be tricky, time-consuming and thus expensive. With vast experience in all kinds of designing situations, our engineers will setup your perfect system more quickly.

Knowledge Sharing

Since your Vision Tool wants to use as much real-time I/O functions as possible, we'll help integrate necessary functions into the tool, train you and your customer and speed up development time.

Immediate Use

When it comes to starting a series production, we'll provide final testing of all interfaces with the original equipment used in the system, adjusting our test software with customer-specific functions, e.g. log file layout,

connectivity setup rules etc., to guarantee a comprehensive final test - eliminating the need for in-house-testing for our customers.

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