Our History & Future

Founded in 1994, IMAGO Technologies has been successfully designing and selling embedded vision components for more than 20 years.


What drives our business are inventions.

We see ourselves as architects for machine vision computers, knowing the needs and trends to invent, design and build computer components able to control products produced on machines or to control machines with cameras, computing power, algorithms and applications  in the very best ways.

Come along to see our history and what brought us to where we are now!

Also, check out our plans for the future, with all the innovations to come.




History is one part, but the future is much more exciting. Machine vision computing means inventing the latest technologies to be an integral part of the machine. So in the near future, we'll help to find answers to these questions:

  • Reliable transmission of high-speed data coming from new fast and high-resolution cameras. We will provide the related camera interfaces, e.g. 5GBaseT; 10 GigE.

  • More computing power due to the fact that camera data are increasing dramatically and algorithms are becoming cleverer and more complex. IMAGO invents new architectures using the latest innovations from reputable processor vendors, e.g. Intel, TI, NXP.

  • More computing power able to be installed inside or near the machine to create a local intelligent system for the vision application, e.g. GPGPU; accelerators.

  • New technologies, e.g. event-based sensors integrated into the VisionCam. New thinking, new applications, new market opportunities.

  • More and new interfaces in the field of communication between sensors, machine units and the world of IT.

  • The necessity to reduce the overall power consumption of production machines to save energy – one part are the vision computer and peripheral components.

  • Abstraction of more complex firmware and software to allow a faster productive development of applications.

What is your "vision"? Why not share your ideas with our experts to invent the next generation of competitive vision solutions.


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