• The IndustrialDashCam records fast and high-resolution film sequences on command. This allows a better understanding of the behavior in machines.

  • Easy recording - easy analysis

  • No more data flood

  • Ultra-compact

  • Simple configuration

Your benefits

Easy recording - easy analysis

The video recording is started by software or trigger input. This means that the camera captures color images, stores them and encodes up to 20 seconds into a standard video format on the integrated SD card. The videos can be copied from the camera via Gigabit Ethernet and played back on any computer. Many video players can also display slow-motion indicators so that scenes can be analyzed in detail and slowly.

No more data flood from high-speed recording systems

Depending on the application data is only recorded from the relevant period before, during or after a certain trigger input. The camera delivers a full HD recording with 60 frames/second. At lower resolution even over 100 frames/second.


The camera has the form factor of a matchbox. It can thus be integrated into the machine at critical points.

Simple configuration with Web-browser based GUI

Connect the ethernet interface to a PC and configure all parameter via your browser. Once done, the IndustrialDashCam is ready for the first video scene. The results can be copied by your file explorer in an easy way, too.



For example, you want to know why a machine slows down its cycle. Or why a fast machine component shows unusual behavior - a slow-motion video from the IndustrialDashCam makes complex mechatronics understandable and shows where it sticks.


For example, you can study fast processes, e.g. the insertion of the instruction leaflet. Evaluate what happened in a complex mechatronic movement. Support the instruction of services with a video showing what happened. Document the flow of fluids in the filling process. See details of the folding process of your carton.


For example, you produce a mechatronic unit, perform the final test and want to document it? The IndustrialDashCam records this process, you link the video with the serial number and can always prove that the unit left the factory in working order.

Packaging & Logistics

For example, the plant operator always wants to know that a pallet has been packed and transported away - it simply saves a video scene at exactly this moment - other pictures or videos are not interesting.

A second scenario: Suddenly, a conveyor belt stops – you want to know what happened before, what has been transported?

A third scenario: For example, in logistics, the forklift truck drives to undreamt-of heights. What is going on up there? What do the shelf and its surroundings look like there?


The IndustrialDashCam - a small observer of your industrial processes: You want to know why the machine has slowed down its cycle? A machine component shows unusual behavior? Used in machines, production process and plants, the IndustrialDashCam makes it possible to avoid unplanned production outages and costly downtime. Thanks to a ring memory, the IMAGO camera delivers a video of an incident before, during or after a signal is triggered. The camera is not only practical for machine condition monitoring but is also ideal for documenting final tests proving that the unit has left the factory in working order.


Target Groups


Engineers and Technicians in charge to develop vision systems for series machines and devices. They should be familiar with basic vision algorithms to use machine vision libraries in the best way.

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