What's next?

1. Revision

The solutions scripts will be reviewed and all the participants will be informed (in case some of the scrips is missing) until 03.02.


2. Last call

Until 10.02 you have an opportunity to provide or update your solution.

3. Benchmarking

The solutions are benchmarked and the score is announced on 17.02

What is the "score"?

Quantitative, objective measure of the provided solutions

The smaller the better.

How the score is computed?
The final score consists of two parts:

  • time score - the solutions has to be fast;

  • reliability score - the solution must work on broader set of images.

Time score is the execution time for all the scripts you provided. Reading image from disk is not included. In order to reduce the influence of various factors every script is executed 1000 times and the average execution time is taken.

​Reliability score. The solution is tested on the published images and two additional ones which will be published with the final score.

Wrong counting result on an image - 1 second penalty.

For example: no solution is provided for a stage - 6 seconds penalty (4 seconds for the published images and 2 seconds for the benchmark ones).