The People Behind IMAGO

Whether sales or production, whether marketing or engineering – all our activities are driven by dedicated and responsible employees. The core team is made up of experienced engineers working across different areas in our company, like computer architecture, hardware, firmware and software design as well as product management and sales. The production team works diligently to realize our high-end products and deliver only the best quality to our customers. In case something does go wrong or our customers need assistance, our support team is up and ready to help. The administration team, including accounting and purchase, continuously works in the background to keep our business running smoothly. And the marketing team always works to spread the word about our products and services. All these different threads come together at the top – our general manager Carsten Strampe knows how to lead a company well, with over 20 years of building our business and many more years of experience in the image processing industry.

Carsten Strampe - General Manager - Imago Technologies GmbH

Carsten Strampe

General Manager

Anne Krug


Oliver Barz - Sales - Imago Technologies GmbH

Located in Germany near Frankfurt/Main, IMAGO Technologies is a privately held company within Antares Vision S.p.A., Travagliato, which is located in the beautiful Lombardy close to the Garda Lake. Antares Vision offers world-class automation and inspection machines mainly for the pharmaceutical industry. They are a world market leader of serialization systems (track & trace). The Antares-IMAGO group has more than 350 employees in total, Antares itself with their own sales and support branches in Germany, France, Ireland, the U.S., Brazil, China and Korea.

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