Ecofriendly Image Processing

Image processing contributes to the protection of the environment. For instance, mistakes detected during production reduce the material required, and early detection of product defects reduce logistical costs. Furthermore, traceable quality not only of pharma products protect the environment and secure people’s health. Finally, recycling technology directs material back into the production cycle.

And the power consumption of the applied technologies? Clever engineers and computer scientists are mindful of the required computing power. They can handle reduced CPU performance or even integrate a once complex system into an intelligent camera with less than 5 watts of power consumption.

Speaking of “embedded vision”, the IMAGO team has always been ready to face the challenges of power consumption and has thus developed vision computers without heat sink. Additionally, periphery components are questioned and we think about whether a VisionBox could not also reproduce these. Whether less power consumption or the ecofriendly side effects of image processing solutions – the sector definitely makes its contribution and could stress this more often.

See also this video: How does machine vision help the environment?

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