Raspberry Pi or VisionCam?

Kunbus offers a nice professional small computer based on the Raspberry PI BCM2835 700 MHz ARM processor. Can it be used for vision, too? Just to give an impression: an ARM Cortex-A8, 1 GHz is faster than the Raspberry PI Cortex-A7. We run the shape-based matching algorithms from Halcon. The VisionCam XM, equipped with an ARM Cortex-A15, 1.5 GHz is 750% faster than the Cortex-A8. Therefore: yes, it could be an idea to use a USB camera and industrial computer like Raspberry Pi for vision applications, but only for very easy applications. Today, the requirements of comfortable and fast applications are much higher and can be fulfilled by the VisionCam XM. And for applications with separate camera heads, the VisionBox XM (for OEM projects only), also equipped with the Cortex-A15, can serve multiple camera applications.


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