VisionBox for Inline Computational Imaging

The fact that IMAGO Technologies can create exceptionally powerful image processing computers was demonstrated at the AIT booth of Control in Stuttgart. Two Camera Link Frame Grabbers with maximum data rate (Deca) in the VisionBox AGE-X Serval+ can receive the image data of the High-Speed Exposure camera. An NVidia GPU from the 1080 series, equipped with over 2,500 GPU shaders, serves as the accelerator for the demanding algorithms. A high-performance power adapter in the VisionBox guarantees a high power supply. The setup is rounded off by an i-Core CPU and of course the real-time I/O of the VisionBox series. The status display integrated into the computer is practical for remote operations. Status messages during the boot process or from the application indicate what is currently happening.

Running on the VisionBox AGE-X is AIT’s Inline Computational Imaging (ICI), which is a technology for simultaneous 2D and 3D inspection of moving objects. Check it out here for an application idea of how to use our VisionBoxes:​

The AIT configuration is the flagship of a family of GPU-based VisionBoxes. From the 1080 to the 1050 series, the VisionBox DAYTONA with NVidia TX2 is also worth mentioning, a chip consisting of multicore ARM CPU and 256 GPU shaders, fanless and low-power.

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