Valuable Links

If you are interested in topics concerning image processing, these links might be helpful for you to go deeper.

We have listed cooperation partners, universities and pages with further information. 

Be sure to check our legal information about external links.



  • We belong to the AIA's members. You can also find our news and products on their embedded pages.

  • Experts in Deep Learning solutions for e.g. the control of mounting processes.

  • A local, happy event for runners and visitors.

  • The city where we live and work.

  • Leading manufacturer of FPGA and SoC.

  • We work alongside MVTec to combine the best hardware with the best software solutions and have our own HALCON products page.

  • Our partner for processors, former Freescale.

  • ​Inventor of Event-Based sensors used in the VisionCam.

  • Vision system of VisionBox AGE-X with parametrizable Coake software.

  • Fieldbus organization.

  • Our supplier for embedded vision processors since 1996.

  • …and this the extra page for embedded processors.

  • Only 10 Minutes away from IMAGO Technologies is a university with possibilities to study topics closely related to image processing. Combine this with working at IMAGO, and you're good to go! 

  • Recommended for students in Northern Germany.

  • You can study image processing at the university in Darmstadt, which is about an hour away from IMAGO Technologies.

  • Recommended for students interested in mechatronics.

  • Specialists for computer architecture.

  • We belong to the VDMA's members. The VDMA organizes interesting events and discussions for machine engineering companies in Germany.

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