A Boost For Your IPC

VisionBoards are IMAGO's PCIe boards offering many of the popular VisionBox features in the form factor of a PCIe board. The boards are perfectly matched to each other. Example: Connect sensors to the input, create a trigger with several logic functions and the use the Trigger-over-Ethernet functionality and the LED Strobe Controller to grab the perfect camera image.

IMAGO offers Panther & Serval+ configurations composed with IMAGO’s Real-Time Communication Controller (RTCC) together with other IMAGO and third-party boards. Nevertheless, the IMAGO boards are also available for customers using a qualified third-party computer with PCIe slots in series. 1)

Operating Systems

All these PCIe boards models run on:

Windows Embedded Standard 7 E

Windows Embedded Standard 7 P

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB

IMAGO’s Linux OS (based on Debian 8)

IMAGO’s Real-Time Linux OS (based on Debian 8)


Real-Time Communication Controller

Machine Vision Controller Board

IMAGO’s Real-Time Communication Controller (RTCC) is the heart of the IMAGO VisionBoard family. It manages the real-time requirements in communication with cameras, LED light heads and the machine using I/O schedulers, multiplexers and trigger units.


Smart GigE Interface Board

with PoE & ToE (Trigger-over-Ethernet)

With four independent GigE ports, the Smart GigE Interface Board is a cost-effective way to build multi-camera vision systems. The unique Trigger-and-Power-over-Ethernet (TaPoE) functionality on the computer side can be used to trigger cameras over Ethernet in real time using the standard cabling. TaPoE is a combination of Trigger-over-Ethernet and Power-over-Ethernet.


Camera Link Board

The Camera Link Board allows the connection of two independent cameras with Camera Link Base or one camera with Camera Link Base/Medium/Full/Deca. It uses signals from the Real-Time Communication Controller for the camera trigger. Together with Power-over-Camera-Link it allows the usage of a single cable connection for PoCL cameras.


Digital I/O Module

IMAGO’s Digital I/O Board has the same functionality as the standard 8/8 × digital I/O interfaces from the VisionBoxes. The optically isolated inputs and outputs are used together with the Real-Time Communication Controller for various purposes.


Dual LED Controller Module

IMAGO’s DUAL LED Controller Module provides two current-controlled LED Strobe channels as well as two fast trigger output lines. The channels are independent from each other and configured by the Real-Time Communication Controller.

Encoder I/O Module



The Encoder I/O Module can be used to trigger cameras by using external sensors or incremental encoders. Logical trigger conditions can be implemented within the Real-Time Communication Controller. With the unique output, a daisy chain of Encoder I/O Modules in different vision systems can be established.

Available in:

VisionBox LE MANS
VisionBox Panther & Serval+
3rd-party IPCs

1) IMAGO offers the service to integrate, test (test programs) and validate our PCIe boards into third-party IPCs. We all know the risk behind this. Sometimes you are ready very fast, sometimes you debug for days or weeks. To cover risks and costs, we address series systems and will ask for the 3rd-party reference IPC. Please ask our sales about costs and MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). Thank you for your understanding.

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