The Heart of Your Vision System


IMAGO's VisionBox is the true heart of your embedded machine vision system.
Camera, machine and automation interfaces are perfectly matched to meet your requirements.

Explore this page to find the embedded vision computer you are looking for:


The core functionality of embedded industrial vision computers is the real-time management of camera, trigger and I/Os. Some applications like deep learning (e.g. TensorFlow, Caffe, Keras,, hyperspectral imaging or computing 3D images expect CUDA-compatible accelerators. So a combination of ARM CPU, embedded GPU and Real-Time Communication Controller together with vision interfaces and wireless network are designed into the VisionBox DAYTONA.



GigE Vision with Trigger-over-Ethernet

Embedded vision solution with ARM Cortex-A72 processor

With the world's first embedded vision computer running on ARM's newest masterpiece (8-core, Cortex-A72), IMAGO has set the pace in all major aspects: long-term, safety, energy consumption.

Four PCIe slots can be equipped with IMAGOs VisionBoards (or any other PCIe card) to tailor the VisionBox LE MANS to your needs.

Digital I/O PCIe Board

8/8 Digital I/O

LED Controller PCIe board

LED Strobe Controller

Camera Link Framegrabber PCIe Board

Camera Link Framegrabber: Deca or Dual Base

GigE PCIe Board


The VisionBox LE MANS is also perfectly suitable for multi-camera applications:

The VisionCam XM as your intelligent camera of choice provides enough computing power to connect an additional GigE camera via a switch. Or, combining both products, several Vision Cams can send preprocessed images to the VisionBox LE MANS for final image processing.


VisionBox AGE-X


Standard processor/OS combinations include:

Dual...Quad Core x86 | Linux | Windows Embedded 7 &10 IoT Enterprise

Plus the Machine Vision Manager, an add-on device that connects with a standard PC through USB, bringing all features, connection and real-time capabilities to your existing environment.

VisionBox AGE-X Tiger+

4 x GigE Vision with Trigger-over-Ethernet | 16/16 I/Os


VisionBox OCTA

VisionBox OCTA - Real-Time OS SYS/BIOS; 8 Core Texas Instruments Keystone Processor, Camera Link, 1 GBit/s Ethernet. Fast - Real-Time - Low Power.

VisionBox OCTA


Size Matters

Because we know that every inch in your machine's cabinet layout is valuable space, we put all of our VisionBoxes' power into small form factors - and most combinations run without active cooling.



According to your system, we will tailor the interface setup of your VisionBox. All the important interface cards are IMAGO's own design and production, keeping us as close as possible when it comes to address hardware and driver issues.


Trigger-and-Power-over-Ethernet / up to 10 Gbit/s


Real Time


Operating Systems

Whether it is your application's conceptual layout or your personal preference - we will guide your way from the beginning to the implementation on all major OS platforms.

Endless opportunities within rock-solid code.
Ready for industrial use.

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