The Eye of Your Vision System

IMAGO's VisionCam gives you endless possibilities to create a smart and compact embedded vision system. With tons of optical and electronic components to form your perfect intelligent camera, it will become the eye of any machine vision system.

The VisionCam combines an industry standard camera-sensor-interface with a complete vision solution in an ultra compact and industry-ready form factor. 

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Event-based Camera: VisionCam EB

Line Scan: VisionCam LM

Area Scan: VisionCam XM

Compact Sensor: VisionSensor PV


VisionCam EB

The VisionCam EB offers a versatile, programmable camera with a unique new sensor class: 
Event-based contrast detection sensors constitute a new way of receiving dynamic visual information. The main advantages of these vision sensors, compared to frame-based image acquisition techniques, are low-latency response, wide-dynamic range operation and pixel-level data redundancy suppression.

The event-based neuromorphic CMOS Sensor was developed by Prophesee and enables a wide range of application possibilities, like high-speed tracking, object counting, vibration measurement or kinematic monitoring.


VisionCam LM

The VisionCam LM is an intelligent line scan camera which is able to unify different components of a line scan application in a single device. Together with the application software (optionally supported by Halcon Embedded), an attractive vision system is created.

If you want to know more about this new line scan product, give us a call (contact at the bottom of this page) or head over to our Contact page.


VisionCam XM

The VisionCam XM is a versatile, programmable camera with a dual-core ARM Cortex-A15 processor inside. The operating system is Linux. This camera has been around as our area scan camera for much longer than our new line scan camera, the VisionCam LM.

Watch the video below to see the VisionCam XM in action with a Halcon Embedded application.

Are you interested in a multi-camera application? Then also have a look at our Embedded VisionBoxes, which offer enough computing power for the application you have in mind.

VisionSensor PV

The VisionSensor PV is very compact and fits nearly everywhere. And it is cost-optimized, allowing vision to be embedded into new markets, machines, and installations.

PV stands for Personal Vision. There are lots of preprogrammed vision sensors available, with a parametrizable, but limited function set. Our approach is to personalize the VisionSensor PV exactly to our customer’s needs and combine the benefit of cost-effective hardware with wide algorithm knowledge, no matter if from our customer, from IMAGO or from Halcon. 


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