How event-based vision speeds up

your application

Thursday, November 19th - 11:00 AM CET




Thursday, November 19th - 11:00 AM CET

About this Webinar

Production Machines are running increasingly fast. Accordingly, prices for high-speed vision systems rise. This also applies in the field of predictive maintenance, quality control or monitoring. Easy high-speed solutions are needed:

The Linux based industrial smart camera VisionCam EB uses a revolutionary principle: Instead of processing images with a certain frame rate with a huge amount of redundant data, data is only recorded from the moment an event is generated. Events just occur from moving parts of a video scene. Due to the high data reduction, the smart camera already has sufficient computing power to replace previous costly applications with only one smart camera.

The functional principle of the VisionCam EB is shown using the example of a vibration and oscillation analysis. Fastest motion analyses and classifications are possible because every pixel is able to transmit motion changes up to the kHz range. Predictive maintenance, detection of malfunctions or process analysis are only a few of many examples of how the VisionCam EB can be used industrially. If you want to know how the VisionCam EB works or want to learn more about how it can accelerate YOUR application, you have come to the right place.

What you'll learn

  • What is the VisionCam EB?

  • What is the functional principle of the VisionCam EB?

  • How can I use the VisionCam for industrial applications at the example of an oscillation and vibration analysis?

  • See a Live demo of a vibration analysis with the VisionCam EB

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vibrating compressor, 'normal' photography (left), captured vibration pattern by VisionCam EB (right)

Carsten Strampe


Alkhazur Manakov

Head of R&D

Dr. Nadia Robertini

Developer of VisionCam EB

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